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Здравствуйте! Это лучший propionate который я пробовал в своей жизни. Скоро буду заказывать ещё




Hey mercya the saliva hormone test came back high 😉 very happy, I’ll be testing the oxandrolone next.





Thank you Crystal! I’ve got your package.




merci, travailler avec vous est un plaisir, je continuerais à faire appel à vous, jamais déçu, toujours satisfait de vos produits et de votre aimabilité, c’est génial! bonne journée





merci trés gentil, maintenant je vais travaillé que avec votre entreprise, j’ai jamais été deçu et le colis toujours à l’ heure




Your test cyp seem to be good testing it by using it and the results are good . I will be in touch soon with a request for sustanon   and decca.Thanks,Mercya.




je revient vers vous car j’ai confiance, on ce connait, j’ai jamais eu aucun souci de votre part, vous étes trés proffessionnel, et j’ai toujours été content de votre service.




We ‘ve cooperated for 2 years.I am excited to cooperate with you Cloud.Your steroid oils are always good.High Recommended.




Sweet will order soon my friend the last bach was good thanku,Mercya




The steroid powders were good!





I see that everything is delivered.Mercya 😉




I am very happy with your products and the service i get from you.Mercya

Have a nice day




Package received safe
Always a pleasure doing business with you , mercya




trés bon service, toujours satisfait





I received the package. Your test pro is very perfect.Thank you for the excellent service. Could!




I highly recommend this if you need a good Dbol powder! I use this after my workouts and it really helps me speed up muscle. The powder is great! I have already repurchased several times.




thanks for everything. You are very kind and professional,Crystal




Ho! It done finaly .tanks to Crystal taking good care of me and its a plasure to do business whit her.

Have a good chrismas time




Yes I did get my parcel and it’s perfect as always just like you my sweet Crystal thank you again so much for all of your kind and thoughtful attention to all of my needs in these matters. I will be calling on you again soon my Dearest Miss Crystal with all my hopes of much love and happiness for you in your life! Your best friend always, Peter




Yes, received package.  Thank you Crystal. I will contact you soon regarding additional orders.  Respectfully


JJ -US-12-6-2016


Thank You Very Much!!! I am ready to order another package. so send me the name and info to send to.


Kevin J-UK-11-26-2016

After I have made my first order with Cloud I was a little bit scared concerning my money…after one week when I have received my order I was the happiest man on the world. Cloud offered me the best service and answer all my question concerning the products …he knows that.
The company offered TOP quality products, the prices are very good and the shipping is awesome. Thank you once again Cloud.

John-South Korea-11-11-2016

It is a plasure for me to make business with you,Crystal.


I received the package.Thank you for the excellent service.


Have ordered from Crystal

Excellent products and service.


We’ve cooperate for more than one years.I am very enjoy to do business with you.Thanks friend!!!


So fast,i got my package.I am now very excited.I will order soon.


Your are very nice,Crystal.I am very happy to work with you.


Once again, Got my package. Great products and GREAT service. Will be ordering again!! you guys Rock!!


My order was received safe and sound to New Jersey without any problems. I feel so good knowing I have found a reliable provider with no minimum $ amount required. I dealt with Cloud and his communication was outstanding!


good stuff!!!


I’ve been working with Crystal for 2 years now and throughout all of our discourse she has been the most personable, kind, and likable hormone powder salesperson I’ve ever had to deal with (and I’ve had to deal with a few). Every time I order something I come away with a great product and great levels of contact and support from my sales rep.


Cloud has been excellent to work with. Very quick to respond to my emails and always answers my questions. Very pleasant to work with.


I deal with Mercya and everything is always shipped to me quick and on time and good quality products. I would recommend her to anyone.


I have ordered testo that is of good quality and cheap price. Fast delivery of products without problems. Very good customer serve, they are mi best friends and the factory is the TOP. Reccomndable.

Mark-from US-9-2-2016

Mercya has again made my day. Very pleased with the service and the products I buy. I will continue to do business with Mercya for as long as I can!