Diosgenin is the precursor for the semisynthesis of progesterone which in turn was used in early combined oral contraceptive pills.The unmodified steroid has estrogenic activity and can reduce the level of serumcholesterol.




1. Product Name: Wild Yam Extract
2. Latin Name: Dioscorea villosa L.
3. Plant part used: Roots (or tubers)
4. Active Ingredient: Diosgenin
5. Specification: 6%, 10%, 16%, 20% Diosgenin HPLC; 10:1,
6. Test Method: HPLC
7. CAS No.: 512-04-9
8. Main Function: Estrogenic activity, Reduce the level of serum cholesterol



Yam diosgenin extract Description :



1. Yam refers now Hubei, Anhui and other places yam produced. Perennial herbs, vine health, often with purple, cylindrical roots, leaves opposite, ovate or oval, flowers white, dioecious. Tubers contain starch and protein, you can eat, people have two kinds of yam yam and call, but

2. there are fundamental differences between the two. Yam means this should be produced in Jiangsu, Anhui and other places yam, yam and refers to this area by the middle of Jiaozuo yam. Stems usually with purple yam, attending spleen eat less, Jiuxie, Spleen Stomach, fluid Yifei, kidney essence astringent effect.






1. Wild yam is one of the more widely used tonic herbs. Because the herb has a neutral energy and therefore is neither hot nor cold, it benefits everybody who takes it. It helps to build strong digestion and metabolism.

2. Wild yam is also helps strengthen improve lung function, benefiting the whole body.it is commonly used in formulations designed to relieve coughing due to weakened lungs.

3. Wild yam has both essence building power and an astringent action that preventing leaking of fluids. It is widely recommend for the leakage problems, such as spermatorrhea, leukorrhea and frequent urination. It is also often used by people suffering night sweats as a result of general weakness or chronic consumptive illness.



Application :



Diosgenin is the precursor for the semisynthesis of progesterone which in turn was used in early combined oral contraceptive pills. The unmodified steroid has estrogenic activity and can reduce the level of serum cholesterol.



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