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How to Operate Vacuum Filter


The concept and principles of Vacuum filtration are designed to promote very much  expedited filtration process compared to syringe filtering, the process after setup is hands free which anyone who has pushed 100mls through a syringe filter will appreciate.

The basic gist of the concept is that we create a pressure differential between the inside of the sterile collector vessel and the outside, thereby PULLING the filtrate (you precious gear) through the filter

Here’s a basic picture to illustrate the concept.

The picture above shows the basic setup with lab gear – if you were able to find a small enough filter mesh AND properly sterilize the equipment this kind of setup would work fine.

We prefer to work with the disposable gamma irradiated sterile filters,look like this:

Equipment list:

Disposable filter top – sealed and sterile.

Glass media bottle – preferable to the plastic bottles offered with filter kits you can pull a harder vacuum without imploding the collection vessel and easily sterilized in oven.

Vacuum generator – this can be anything that will pull a vacuum, a vacuum pump, modified breast pump, even a brake bleeder tool.

Illustrations of setup

Here’s the basic filter and media botle setup:

Here’s a vacuum filter setup with a vacuum pump:

Here’s a vacuum filter setup with a brake bleed hand pump:

This is not as hands free as the pump option though you have to come back every few mins and give it a couple of pumps to keep the vacuum hardness up.

Transferring your Finished product to vials:

Once filtration is complete you are left with a sterile solution inside your sterile media bottle. its very important that you take care when transferring to sterile vials that you do not contaminate or potentially allow particles or bacteria contact your product while transferring.

Couple of things to remember:

*Always use brand new sterile syringes / needles.
*If filling sealed sterile vials be sure to wipe the septum with a alcohol wipe before inserting your needles. you will need a second needle to allow air to escape as you fill a sealed vial.
*If filling uncapped vials – be sure to get the rubber stopper on asap after filling



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